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What is Coaching on the Hook?

Coaching on the Hook is a Christmas initiative created to help make 2021 a better year for those who lost their jobs or businesses due to causes of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Who can use the "hooked" session?

Anyone who has lost their job or business due to COVID-19 pandemic and is cannot afford coaching now, but can benefit from it.

How will someone benefit from the "hooked" coaching session?

Coaching can help open new perspectives, gain back strength and self-confidence, create an action plan for  new ideas in 2021. 

How does it work?

By getting any coaching package for yourself, or as a gift for someone, you get equivalent number of coaching sessions "hooked" for those in need.


You can share the "hooked" session with a person you know or simply let  it "hang on the hook" here on the website. 

How many "hooked" sessions can be used by one person?

1 session per 1 person

How will you benefit for "hooking" a coaching session?

You will get both, your own coaching and a good feeling from contributing  to better 2021 :)

Coaching on the Hook
Prices and Packages*

Single session + 1 hooked

3 sessions + 3 hooked

6 sessions + 6 hooked

 70  eur/1750 czk/60 min

195 eur/4875 czk/60 min

360 eur/9000 czk/60 min

or send and email inquiry to

*the initiative will be available till 31.01.2021

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