Leadership Café

Online and offline leadership series for leaders in organizations

During summer 2020 Life Skills for Business meetings were taking place in cozy Balbi Bar in down town Prague. During this time we have covered topics as are:

  • BeGreat in Change Management in Life and at Work (Olivier Bauduin)

  • Managing Time and Energy at Work and at Home (Olga Zimmermann)

  • Coaching Tools for daily life situation management (Olivier Bauduin)

  • Bullies, Moaners, Do-Gooders and others at Work and Life (Olga Zimmermann)

  • Unleash your Leadership Potential (Olivier Bauduin)

All the details about past events on meetup.com/life_skills_for_business

Leadership Café are series of 90 min sessions dedicated to support leaders on their roles, help them continuously grow and develop. 


This program is an alternative to a classical training in a way that it is micro dosing information and leaves space for its integration. 


Sessions are usually planned on weekly or by-weekly basis. 

The topics we work with: 

  • Management of change in times of uncertainty 

  • Well-being as a cure for productivity and engagement

  • How to build psychological safety in team?

  • Toxic behavior at work: how to spot and stop?

  • Understanding burnout 

  • Creating trust in teams 

  • more on request.

Please get in touch with us for all details.

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