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Olga Zimmermann
  • Olga Zimmermann

Olga Zimmermann, ACC

Organizational Psychologist, Business Coach,

Certified Psychological Safety Practitioner

ACC credentials

Hi, I am Olga Zimmermann and I hold a firm belief in the transformative power of organizations to influence and shape our world for better.


Through conscious leadership, employee education, and the cultivation of healthy workplace cultures, organizations possess the ability to create ripple effects that extend far beyond their immediate environments.


At the heart of this belief is the understanding that when employees return home from work feeling fulfilled and supported, they are more likely to extend that positivity to their personal lives, which cascades outward, affecting not only their relationships with partners and children but also their their communities.


Yet, not all organizations recognize the profound impact they have on society or the responsibility they carry. My mission is to raise awareness of this potential and support organizations in harnessing it for the greater good. By fostering environments where conscious leadership thrives, employees are empowered, and healthy cultures flourish, we can create positive change that reverberates throughout society.


Guest SPEAKER at:

  • CFO Forum Europe 2021 - Topic: Investing into Organizational Wellbeing

  • EY Deployment Fest 2021 - Topic: Workplace Wellbeing

  • Femme Palette Live 2021 - Topic: Imposter syndrome: Navigating its Impact on Mental Health in the Workplace

  • DIGITAL SHARED SERVICES 2021 - Topic: Wellbeing in a New Reality: The challenges in times of digitalization, modernization and hybrid work.

  • Soulmio Mental Wellness Days 2021, 2022 - Topics: "Wellbeing and Mental Health at Work”, “Psychological Safety: an Alpha and Omega of Highly Productive Teams"

  • Disrupt HR Prague 2023 - Topic: A (very) Soft Skill Worthy Learning: Psychological Safety

My diplomas and certificates:

  • Master in Social and Work Psychology (Comenius University in Bratislava)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business coaching (International Center for Business Coaching, Scotland)

  • ACC certified coach (ICF)

  • Certified Psychological Safety Practitioner (Fearless Organization)

  • Biosynthesis Psychotherapy Training (Czech Institute of Biosynthesis - graduating 2026). 

Connect with Olga:

+420 777 186 232

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