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A team is not a group of people that work together.
A team is a group of people who trust each other.  

Simon Sinek

Business Meeting


We believe that ground of highly effective teams are trust, psychological safety, mutual respect and a common goal. Only after these are set, other skills can be introduced.


Individual Development

Audience and Lecturer

More trainings for teams:

We can provide tailored training programs for specific organizational needs

on following topics: 


  • Effective Communication 

  • Resilience

  • Psychological Safety

  • Conflict Management

  • Time and Energy Management

  • Feedback - How to give and receive

  • Assertive Communication

Similing Team

Building Resilient Team

This program for teams aims to provide tools for building both individual and team resilience and preventing stress and burnout.


How will it benefit your organization?

  • Enhance productivity

  • Develop adaptive responses to stress, prevent burnouts and mental illness

  • Smoother organizational change

  • Improve employee engagement

  • Decrease absenteeism and increase employee well-being 

Team Lunch

Emotional Intelligence for Teams

This program for teams provides knowledge and practice for better understanding of
nature of emotions and their management 


How will it benefit your organization?

  • Improve team communication

  • Improve decision making and problem solving

  • Conflict prevention and resolution

  • Better team atmosphere

  • Increase employee well-being 

Girl Relaxing


Mindfulness education can be provided in a form of a 2 days intensive training or

a long-term short-series online program - up to 6 months


How will it benefit your organization?

  • ​reduce stress levels

  • prevent conflict

  • improve communication

  • improve quality of sleep of the employees 

  • improve focus and concentration

  • raise self-awareness and improve self-regulation

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