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Live online board game

for understanding and prevention of burnout

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Meet the author of game

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Author and game master, invited professor in Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, teacher and former co-author in Maibutni, the democratic school. 

" The main problem of burning out is, that it is totally counterintuitive.

It begins far before you feel anything and affects you deeper and deeper, the more motivated you get. While you are burning, you are absolutely sure about your right way of living and so you do anything but the things you really should."

About the course

4,5 hours
for everyone
18 players

Burnout is complex and it never happens overnight. To actually burn out it takes a long path full of signs and symptoms that are overlooked or ignored, and there are 18 elements that take part in this process. Here you are going in a playful to learn what burnout is from the lens of biology and experience what is going on inside of you when you work. 


In this game every player will obtain the role and specific instructions. For example: Anabolism is creating Vigors, that can be used by Consciousness to do the Job. Or: Desirie creates Desires, some of which will be fulfilled while doing job or having time with kids, and some others have a need for specific attention and Vigors from Consciousness. There are 18 roles and therefore 18 players. When all the elements begin their work together, the magic unveils. Dynamic system is something completely different than the static scheme on paper. And when you yourself play your own role, it inspires you far deeper than while watching video, even a very good video. It appears somehow, that simple algorithm of every player creates total chaos in the big system. And then the new order emerges, that is completely not obvious from the view of any individual player. Thus you obtain quality new understanding of the whole system and new answers for your ordinary life questions. Some conclusions may become quite unexpected and counterintuitive, you are at risk of changing your life.

What will you gain?

Get to know the mechanism of burnout on a deep level, learn what is going on inside of you when you work

Re-assess your life-style and maybe make decisions that will lead to better health and more energy 

Use this time to play and have fun while learning 

Meet new people and learn from them 





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