A micro-learning solution for your employees

Together with MindBox we have created a series of microlearning programs for organizations that will help address learning and development  needs in times of COVID-19.  


MindBox VR:

  • is a mobile based application, 

  • it is interactive - avatar lead,

  • it collects data,

  • educates,

  • enables self-paced learning,

  • it allows to upload your own content materials 

  • enhances fast learning

Ready-made trainings for organizations:

  • Building Resilience

  • Working from home in times of COVID19

  • Well-being at Work Basics

Web platform and management

The platform allows to create and manage training content, measure the progress of employees, observe statistics and receive reports

Content management

You can easily manage materials and courses in one environment to send it to selected audience or target group in one click

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