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Nowadays stress does not need to be described. We all know well how it feels like. Especially for last couple of month... What it actually does to our bodies and minds, is paralyzing our creativity, ability to focus and make decisions, messes up our emotions and leads to serious health problems. 


If we want leaders to be able to manage business during stressful events, it is not enough to give them stress management tools, because when stress happens it is already too late to search for tools in the "manager's tool kit". What we need, is to help them build resilience, so that when that event happens they don't feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by stress, but know how to excess their inner resources and help others to do the same. 

Similing Team


Here is a 5-steps plan to help managers build inner resilience:

1. Let them Ground

Help your managers get orientated in the present. No worries or illusions about future, fears connected to past experience help us be productive today. To work really effectively, make right decisions on the spot requires full presence and understanding of today's reality. What is happening at work, their personal life, lifes of their team members, families, company, country? Let them get real. No illusions. Teach them life skills: to accept reality, accept their own emotions and feelings and of those around them.

2. Teach to focus Attention

Where is their attention going? Where does it need to go? Help them realize how much attention they are focusing on positive and negative life events, on their own strength and weaknesses and on the strength and weaknesses of others. 

3. Show how to direct Thoughts in a constructive way

Bring in tools from the field of positive psychology and coaching to help your managers train their minds toward constrictive thinking, and practice until it becomes automatic! Teach them about reframing, benefit finding, appraisal theory, and explanatory style.

4. Encourage taking Actions 

Help them gain self-esteem and self-efficacy by training to set clear and meaningful goals and constantly achieving them. By now they will know how to focus their attention, so goal achievement will be easier and faster. Then teach them how to celebrate their own achievements and of those around them. This will create culture of winners. Each recognized and celebrated achievement will add on their self-esteem, new challenges will not scare them. 

5. Demonstrate what true Motivation is

Now that they've learned all above, show them that true motivation doesn't last a day or two. True motivation comes from a place of connection to their goal, realization of their own values, embracing of strength and focus on positive thoughts. Only such motivation doesn't expire and can motivate others too. 


“Resilience training can improve personal resilience, develop mental health, increase subjective well‐being, enhance psychosocial functioning and improve performance in the workplace."


Check out our Resilient Leader, Resilient Team Program:

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